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Planner Girl Chatter

Jun 23, 2023

What if.....instead of pretending it’s not angsty, we started working through that intentionally? After a super busy few months, Colleen and Jamie reflect on what we need to move through life at this moment. We start to consider what we would like to be doing next and spitball a plan to conceptualize tackling it. Listen in and join us in the Facebook group to let us know if you are ready to tackle the same things we are challenged with.

This episode was recorded on June 1st, 2023, amid the travels and busyness of early summer. 


Episode Highlights

We've been everywhere but home

We aren't even sure what's happening

How Colleen's planner is going right now

Jamie has a suggestion about Journaling kits

Colleen's genius idea to focus on our what we want

When was the last time you asked what do YOU want?

How do you fill your time as responsibility shifts

Do we even know people anymore....?

Should we be planning a retreat?

Revisiting what we want to be doing next

Areas we've been struggling

You don't know what you don't know

Making space for our friendships


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Book Recommends

Year of Yes - Shonda Rhimes 

The Happiness Project - Gretchen Ruben

Atlas of the Heart - Brenee Brown

The Artist Way - Julia Cameron


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