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Planner Girl Chatter

Dec 31, 2019

Last episode of the decade! That feels weird to say. Colleen and I have each have a prediction for what we anticipate and hope for in the new year. Jump over to our Planner Girl Chatter FB Community or Instagram Page and tell us what yours is! 

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Dec 28, 2019

It should be an utter lack of surprise what planners we are using this year, but we thought we’d recap our final selections. We also share our reading goals for 2020. Colleen updates us on her Nashville trip, and Jamie shares her new projects.


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Dec 9, 2019

We had the opportunity to attend 5 planner events this year and we have opinions on everything from what to pack, and what we hope to see next year. This is our comprehensive field guide for attendees, shops, speakers, and event hosts. If you are planning on attending a planner event in 2020 make sure to listen, and...

Dec 1, 2019

With Stephanie leaving the podcast to prioritize her family Colleen & Jamie share what’s next for Planner Girl Chatter. To interact with anything discussed head over to or check our social media for more detail.