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Planner Girl Chatter

Apr 7, 2023

Obsessed with the show Love Is Blind, we discuss that fine line between snark and being mean-spirited. Jamie shares the plant addition to her planner (clearly still stuck in 2020). Colleen confessions she’s in a planner slump and brainstorms what she needs to get out of it. We apologize for the disastrous Tik Tok post.

This episode was recorded March 28, 2023.


Episode Highlights

Reflecting on mean girls and bullies

What our social high school experiences were like

Jamie’s plant planner

How our moms support us

Snarky vs mean spirited

Being contentious how we speak to each other

More plant talk

Is Colleen in a planner slump OR does she just need new stickers?

How Jamie’s been navigating no kits

The tikie toks not working


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