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Planner Girl Chatter

Sep 23, 2023

Keep Planning & Stay Awesome - Adios Bitchachos is the final episode of Planner Girl Chatter.
This series finale of the podcast should come as no surprise to many of our longtime listeners and if you've been following the massive changes happening in our lives over this summer. Listen in as we share not only all the things that have been happening but how we and the community have evolved. We share where you can find us in the future and the new podcast we are working on.
If you've listened to us from the beginning or just recently found us, we are not done with Planner World; we are just shifting how we spend our time. You'll still see us at planner events, out on these planner streets buying stickers, and we hope you'll connect with us on our personal pages on IG and FB. It's so rare to find such amazing people in this world, and we value your friendship more than you know.
Again, we are already developing a fresh podcast around our new project, The Intentional Reset Project, and we hope you'll follow us there. We also have plans to speak at some upcoming planner events around that project. We are excited to evolve past just talking about planners and create a new project encompassing many of the conversations we have beyond the world of planners and stickers (we will likely still touch on it, though, since it's a big part of who we are). You'll still see us around, but we'll be showing up differently. 🙂
Find us here:
Thank you to every guest, listener, contributor, and planner event organizer who has trusted us to be a part of your world. We've had an absolute BLAST sharing experiences with you. When you see us at a planner event, come say hi tell us your fav episode, and we'll have stickers/buttons until they run out!